Haaf Netters Fishing
provided through the Highland Laddie Inn,
Glasson, Cumbria

The Highland Laddie Inn help to offer you the experience of Haaf Net Fishing, a long-standing method of salmon and trout fishing brought in by the Vikings. It has been established in Cumbria for around 1000 years, and it remains the only place in the world that still offers this method of fishing. The service we provide involves you spending the day going into the Solway Estuary with giant nets and potentially catching fish. At the end of the day our experienced chefs will prepare you with a salmon or trout supper along with all the local beer you desire.

Prices range from £75 per person per day, including preparing and serving your fish supper if your fishing was a success! Call 016973 51839 today for more information!

Haaf Netting, A Brief History

Haaf Netting has it's roots spread out throughout history, but here is a snippet of it's history and why we Haaf-Net:

The Introduction of a Past Time:
Haaf-Netting was introduced by Norse-Gael settlers around 900AD.
The word 'haaf' is derived from the Norse word 'hav', meaning open sea. It is a heritage that has almost died out but in Cumbria the tradition is kept strong. And now you can join in too!

The Norse-Gaels:
The Norse-Gaels originated in Viking colonies of Ireland and Scotland, when Norse-Gaels faced problems and fled to Cumbria the tradition of Haaf Netting followed them, bringing this timeless way of fishing to our shores.

More than a tradition - A way of survival:
After World war II the food way rationed and there was little work available in the UK. Haaf fishing for salmon provided free food and a source of income during these hard times. Today, the shores of the Solway Firth are the last of the places where you can still find those who practice the art opf Haaf Net Fishing.

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How to Fish

Haaf-Net Fishing - Methodology:
The Haaf-Net consists of a rectangular wooden frame of 5.5m x 2.2m from which a net is suspended. The middle leg is extended to allow the fisherman to carry the beam and also tip the beam up to trap the fish.

Both the beam and the net are hand-made locally using traditional methods. The most common use of the Haaf-Net is to wade out to fish the ebb tide at about 4-5 hrs before the next flood. After finding a breast (that is Norse for a slope), the fisherman faces the outgoing tide holding the net to catch the salmon, which he has to carry in a bag on his back.

The Haaf-netters will sometimes fish in a line or in small numbers and even alone depending on the ground. Fish, when trying to go back to the sea, swim back deep. However on a flood tide it is the opposite - they tend to swim in the shallows looking for the fresh waters of the river. It is extremely difficult to catch the fish in this way. This is why a 'gillie' (expert Haaf Net Fisher) is assigned to anyone trying to fish for the first time.

Telephone: 016973 51839

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Haaf net fishing provided through the Highland Laddie Inn, Glasson, Cumbria

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Highland Laddie Inn

Haaf net fishing provided through the Highland Laddie Inn, Glasson, Cumbria
With our ‘Catch it, Cook it, Eat it Experience you’ll head off for a Haaf Netters Fishing trip with our local team of Haaf Netters Fishermen. Then it’s back to The Highland Laddie Inn, here our chefs will show you how to prepare, cook and dress your catch.

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