Haaf net fishing provided through the Highland Laddie Inn, Glasson, Cumbria

Haaf-Net Fishing with the Highland Laddie Inn, Glasson, Cumbria

The Highland Laddie Inn help to offer you the experience of Haaf Net Fishing, a long-standing method of salmon and trout fishing brought in by the Vikings.

It has been established in Cumbria for around 1000 years, and it remains the only place in the world that still offers this method of fishing.

The service we provide involves you spending the day going into the Solway Estuary with giant nets and potentially catching fish. At the end of the day our experienced chefs will prepare you with a salmon or trout supper along with all the local beer you desire.

Prices range from £75 per person per day, including preparing and serving your fish supper if your fishing was a success! Call 016973 51839 today for more information!

More Information:

  • Trout and salmon fishing
  • Haaf Net
  • Fishing Tourism
  • Days out
  • Unusual wildlife
  • Local Jennings beers
  • Helpful staff and great food